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Your ABA Professionals

At J4J, we are proud to have a tight-knit staff that has been with us for years. We understand the importance of attentive and knowledgeable care, and we are fully committed to providing quality care for your child. Call today to learn more.

Behavioral Analysis

Goal-based and data-driven, we seek to reduce behavioral excesses and increase social behaviors. Many children have aggression or stimulation behaviors, so we work to reduce self-stimulation behaviors while increasing social skills like interpersonal communication.

Weekend Support

At J4J, we are happy to work with the schedules of you and your child. Should it be needed, we are able to implement sessions on Saturdays and/or Sundays.

Parent Training

It is important that parents have the skills necessary to teach desired behaviors without reinforcing undesired ones. Our supervisors will work with parents directly to teach these skills. This service is also available on weekends, and we encourage that all parents take advantage of this opportunity.

Community Outings

With parental consent, we travel with children out into the community. This helps desensitize them to certain environments and teaches them how to cope within the community. These outings are invaluable when it comes to teaching independence, social skills, safety skills, and awareness skills. Parents are welcome to join us on community outings — you will find it a very rewarding process that instills valuable socially acceptable behaviors.

Independent Self-Help Skills

To instill independence, we teach our clients skills that are invaluable in day-to-day life. Such self-help skills include getting dressed, using the restroom, navigating their home, playing independently, playing within a group, and more. Contact us today and take the first step toward progress.
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